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As I roam the streets of East Austin on an early humid morning, I am reminded, with a touch of sadness, of just how special this area really is. East Austin is the anti-suburbia incarnate; the area is alive with color, expression and diversity.

As the sun rises, my lens and I debate the subject at hand. Should it be the cute little old houses getting encroached on by post-modern condos? Or the plethora of colorful commercial establishments? The street vendors? The beautiful parks?
What makes this area special? And what should I underline with my lens?

If I have to pick one visual aspect that makes central East Austin special, it is the rich, beautiful, and abundant graphic expression on its walls, visual statements of identity. From street graffiti and stenciling, to echos of Mexican muralism, this area is alive with the expression an culture in flux.

Adolfo Isassi
Jun 21 2009
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