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Dedication, compromise, discipline. Notions that conjure discomfort, pain even suffering.
In the realm of photography as a medium, what does it mean to apply dedication to this endeavor, compromise with the chosen subject on every shutter release, and discipline on the execution?

This project explores this epiphany and the need to find out how uncelebrated nature looks through this process, and what happens when more faith is placed in the medium, and less in the subject.

I hope that the commitment to the photographic process that emanates from these images, compels the viewer to ponder in the unique ability of photography to reveal beauty.

Adolfo Isassi
Gethsemane No 70Gethsemane No 72Gethsemane No 80Gethsemane No 89Gethsemane No 91Gethsemane No73Gethsemane No 77Gethsemane No 11Gethsemane No 42Gethsemane No 95Gethsemane No 30Gethsemane No 36Gethsemane No 46Gethsemane No 55Gethsemane No 61Gethsemane No 69Gethsemane No 19Gethsemane No 84Gethsemane No 300Gethsemane No 27