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This selection of photographs comes from a collection of approximately 3,000 images taken during an excursion in the fall of 2006. One objective was to get photographically acquainted with the landscape characteristics of the North American Southwest and to lay the foundation for a personal body of work that portrays this remarkable area of the world.

I engaged in this project fully aware of the abundance of photographic coverage that this area has had through the years. Still, I was convinced that it is necessary to study the existing available work and to physically experience the area in order to develop a critical point of view and aspire to offer yet more compelling material of subject matter that begs to be visually celebrated over and over.

Along the journey, I compiled notes on each location. These were later shared via a newsletter (photography-all) that I distributed via e-mail for a number of years. I have included these notes in the book at each major stop along the Southwest Circle route. Although the notes initially were intended to be purely technical in nature, they evolved into observations and sometimes, humor due to the frequent masochistic demands of landscape photography.

I hope that this limited selection of images compels the reader to take an interest in my work, to explore the North American Southwest, and to fall in love with this treasured landscape.

- Adolfo Isassi
Caprock Canyon No 69Cadillac Ranch No 38Canyon De Chelly No 52Canyon De Chelly No 71Image NoCanyon De Chelly No 09Canyon De Chelly No 39Spider Rock No 88Monument Valley No 72Monument Valley No 03HWY 67 No 45Bright Angel Trail No 05Kolob No 68Kolob No 76Zion No 32Zion No 82Bryce Golden Hour No 48Bryce No 06Bryce No 04Hickman Bridge No 24