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As time passes by, photographs become like windows through time, allowing us to see back into a reality long gone.

I have found that traveling places can be like traveling through time also. Sometimes traveling to the future, sometimes traveling to the past.

Walking on the streets of Peru, in September 2008, I started to catch glimpses of windows through time, quietly unnoticed.

Windows to a past where notions like corporations, franchises, globalization are still unfulfilled nightmares.

Stores, shops, goods and services from another era.
Shoe repair, tailoring, local fabrics, ceremonial candles, and finally, people selling themselves as a ready-made images of the past, acknowledging the intrinsic value of it.

I stopped to learn about these people and capture these windows to the past still surviving in a present, soon to be gone.

Adolfo Isassi
October 2008
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