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Vanishing scenes form creeks around Austin Texas
The creeks around Austin are probably one of the best and unique features of the city. Some of them are very well known and frequented by the locals, Barton Creek and Bull Creek come to mind. Others are less visited, hence they still look pristine. Lost Creek and Slaughter Creek come to mind here. There are others like Shoal Creek, Bouldin Creek, and many more that have been encroached by development and, for the most part, have turned into dry beds and gray water drainage. I believe that eventually, all the creeks in the city will follow this fate. Even the ones within park designated areas, will be changed by over use, droughts and developers building damns in the upstream areas. This collection of photographs has been taken in the last five years, and attempt to capture idyllic scenes on the most beautiful corners of these creeks. The way I want to remember them before they vanish by planned progress.
Bull Creek No 64Slaughter Creek No 47Bull Creek No 26Lost Creek No 43Bull Creek Blue Hour No 2Barton CreekBull Creek No 25Barton Creek No 65McKinney Falls No 96McKinney Falls No 10